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AI-Powered Algo Bot for Options Trading

No more manual monitoring or sleepless nights. Our automated trading system takes charge, 24/5, giving you the freedom to pursue other endeavors while your money works smarter for you.

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Step Up to Smarter Trading: Bid Farewell to Option Gambling Strategies

Tired of relying on luck and uncertain outcomes in your options trading? Embrace a new era of intelligent and informed decision-making with our cutting-edge algo trading bot. Say goodbye to option gambling strategies and welcome a proven approach that harnesses the power of AI and data analysis.

Discover the Future of Investing

A glimpse into the innovative world of AI investments.

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Key Benefits of the Best New Generation Algo Bot

Embrace a new era of trading with our cutting-edge algo bot, designed to revolutionize your investment journey. Discover the key benefits that set our new generation algo bot apart from the rest.

AI-Driven Precision

Powered by advanced AI algorithms, our bot identifies optimal entry and exit points, enabling precise execution and maximizing profit potential.

Automated Trading

Say goodbye to manual monitoring and execution. Our algo bot trades on your behalf, 24/5, allowing you to capitalize on market opportunities while you focus on other priorities.

Transparent Performance:

Track the bot's performance with real-time updates and detailed reporting, offering full transparency and visibility into your trading activity.

User-Friendly Interface:

Seamlessly navigate and customize your trading preferences through our intuitive and user-friendly platform.

Diverse Market Conditions:

Our algo bot adapts to various market conditions, making it an ideal choice for both volatile and stable markets.

Highly Profitable Strategy:

Backed by extensive testing and historical data analysis, our algo trading bot employs a short iron condor position in USDINR, known for its consistent profitability and risk management.


Frequently asked questions

We believe in sharing the success with our clients. We don’t charge you a one-time fee for the bot; instead, we make profits when you make profits. We charge a nominal 10% of your profits at the end of each month. This unique pricing model instills confidence that our bot is designed to generate profitable results.

To implement our trading strategy, we use Tradetron, a powerful platform that seamlessly connects with your broker and executes trades automatically on your behalf. With Tradetron, you can rest assured that your trades are efficiently executed as per our AI-driven strategy.

With FinnoVent Algo, you can expect steady and conservative profits ranging from 4% to 8% every month. Our strategies prioritize safety and consistency, focusing on slow and steady profits as a reliable approach to navigate the market.

Yes, Tradetron is supported by almost every major broker. However, for our specific trading strategy, we recommend brokers like 5Paisa, Kotak Securities, and others. These brokers have shown exceptional compatibility with our algo strategies, ensuring a seamless trading experience.

Yes, we prioritize the security of your personal information. We use industry-standard encryption and data protection measures to safeguard your data and ensure your privacy.

Absolutely! The trades are executed with your broker, allowing you to monitor them directly through your broker’s app or platform. However, we strongly advise against interfering with the trades. It’s best to let the trades execute and exit as per the bot’s AI-driven strategy.

Your Success Fuels Ours: We Charge Only When You Profit!

Here’s how it works: We don’t burden you with upfront fees or charges. Instead, we align our interests with yours. When our algo trading bot generates profits for you, we charge a nominal 5% of those profits at the end of each month. This means we succeed when you succeed.