Quantman vs Tradetron

Thinking of diving into algo trading and don’t know whether to choose Quantman or Tradetron? Read our Quantman vs Tradetron Comparison.

In this world of Algorithmic trading, choosing the right algorithmic trading platform is crucial to ensure your trades are executed in minimal time, and at the best conditions and your strategy is implemented properly in the algorithmic trading platform with least amount of errors, in other words choosing the right platform is necessary to increase your trading success. Quantman and Tradetron are two of the most popular algorithmic trading platform which we will be comparing in this article. Both the platforms are used to automate your algorithmic trading strategies. In this article we will compare the most crucial features such as ease of use, pricing and overall performance. Below are the 5 factors we have taken into account for the comparison.

Quantman: An Overview

Let us start with the features of Quantman in this Quantman vs Tradetron review.

Quantman is designed for professional traders with a focus on Quantitative analysts. It offers most of the features offered by Tradetron such as backtesting, optimisation and deplyment of trading strategies.

Key Features of Quantman

  1. Advanced Backtesting: Quantman and Tradetron both provide backtesting capabilities so that traders can test their strategies historically before deploying them in the live market. This helps to determine how the strategy is performing in virtual trading and how it has performed previously so that traders can judge whether they should deploy the strategy in the live market or not based on previous performance and not risk their money.  We found that Quantman offers a better view of backtest results. Note individual preference varies.
  2. Strategy Optimization: One unique feature of Quantman is the strategy optimisation. Quantman has a feature to optimise trading strategies for maximum returns. The platform offers various optimisation methods so that traders can tune up their strategies in order to yield maximum returns and better performance.
  3. Real-Time Execution: Although both Quantman and Tradetron offer real time execution of strategy, we ourself noticed that Quantman has a less delay and higher chance of success in fast moving markets than Tradetron.
  4. Data Integration: The platform supports integration with multiple data providers. This ensures most up to date and high quality data for the traders and acts as a backup n order to prevent outages. We personally have noticed a lot of outages with Tradetron.
  5. Customizable Dashboards: Quantman’s dashboard offers customisation which enables traders to monitor their strategies and portfolios more effectively and according to their comfort.

Tradetron: An Overview

Tradetron is a cloud-based algorithmic trading platform which is suitable for both beginner and advanced traders due to a marketplace of strategies. It offers user friendly features as well as pre-made strategies which can be deployed directly from the marketplace so that you do not have to make one of your own.

Key Features of Tradetron

  1. No-Code Strategy Building: Tradetron allows its users to build strategies using both python as well as blocks of codes. This makes it easier for both programmers and average traders with little to no experience in coding.
  2. Marketplace for Strategies: When writing this article on Quantman vs Tradetron, the feature we were amazed by the most was Tradetron’s marketplace. It offers tons of strategies made by other. You can even check the top creators and go with the trusted ones. Users can easily diversify their portfolio by deploying multiple strategies.
  3. Real-Time Strategy Execution: Like Quantman, Tradetron also ensures real-time execution of trades, which is crucial for the success of algorithmic trading strategies but we found some huge delays in it quite a few times.
  4. Multi-Exchange Support: Tradetron supports multiple exchanges and has now added support for trading in the US stock market as well as crypto trading.
  5. Risk Management Tools: Tradetron offers comprehensive risk management tools, so that you can safeguard your portfolio.

5 Reasons to Choose Quantman Over Tradetron

  1. Advanced Backtesting Capabilities: Quantman’s backtesting engine is more robust and offers much deeper insights compared to Tradetron. Tradetron has produced significantly inaccurate results quite a few times.
  2. Superior Strategy Optimisation: Quantman provides more advanced optimisation tools and so if you are an experienced algorithmic trader, Quantman might be a choice for you as it enables you to fine tune your existing strategy.
  3. Enhanced Data Integration: With support for multiple data providers, Quantman ensures traders have access to the highest quality data.
  4. Customizable Dashboards: Quantman’s customizable dashboards offer a higher level of flexibility.
  5. Professional-Grade Features: Quantman’s features are designed for professional traders and quantitative analysts and provide more tool beneficial for advanced traders.


In the comparison of Quantman vs Tradetron, There is no clearl winner. For some Quantman might be better and for others Tradetron might be better. If you are a beginner, Tradetron is a great choice due to its support and big community and plenty of video tutorials available online. Quantman’s tool are robust and more customisable. Quantman could be a better choice if you are an experienced algorithmic trader.

For more detailed information on Quantman and Tradetron, visit their official websites and explore their offerings. Happy trading!


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