Understanding the Age Factor in Property Tax in Delhi

The topic of age factor in property tax has recently gained a lot of attention of property owner in Delhi due to it impact on financial planning. A lot of property owners. in Delhi have confusion on what the age factor in property tax is and how it is calculated and its impact on the value of the property. This topic is important because you need to know about the age factor as it is a component of property tax and impacts your calculation on how much you owe to the municipal corporation of Delhi. In this article we will dive deep into the definition of the age factor  for property tax calculation, and how the property owners can calculate this for their tax assessment.

What is the Age Factor all about in Property Tax?

Now let us come to the definition of age factor in property tax calculation. The age factor is a multiplier used in the formula to calculate property tax in Delhi. This factor is decided by the age of the property. It has a crucial role for determining the property tax. Now let us take an example of a car. There are two cars which look exactly the same but are of different years, the newer ones obviously have more features, less kms and needs fewer repair than the old ones and so the taxes on it are more because of its value. The same applies to property tax. New builders have a higher value due to more features and more modern look than the old ones. Old buildings need more repairs and certainly look older.

To calculate the tax, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has listed the following rules.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) incorporates the age factor into their property tax calculations as follows:

  • If property is constructed after 2000: The age factor is 1.0.
  • If property is constructed between 1990 and 2000: The age factor is reduced to 0.9.
  • If property is constructed between 1980 and 1990: The age factor further reduces to 0.8.

The older the property, the less is the tax levied on them. This calculation factor ensures that the properties which are older do not get levied the same amount of taxes as that of the newer buildings. The calculation factor reflects its potential low value in the market and is set accordingly.

How the Age Factor Impacts Property Taxes?

The introduction of age factor in the calculation of property has a significant benefit on those who own old properties due to the huge reduction in taxes. Usually older places have a higher price but the taxes of the old properties is reduced due to the introduction of age factor.

Now the question arrises how can we calculate the taxes using the age factor, the formula is pretty simple but involves a lot of computation so get your calculators!

Here is the Formula

Property Tax = (Unit Area Value * Built-up Area * Use Factor * Occupancy Factor * Structure Factor)*Age Factor

The above formula reflects how the property is built. It takes into account the property’s characteristics to ensure that there is a fair assessment for the calculation of taxes across different properties with different ages.

Benefits of Understanding the Age Factor

The benefits of understanding the property taxes far outweigh the time spent on reading about it. There are several benefits of knowing about these taxes and be well informed and educated.

  • Tax Planning: You can take better financial decisions if you know how much taxes you have to pay by taking into account the age factor.
  • Property Investment Decisions: Investors might prefer houses with an older age given the benefits of tax savings on it.
  • Renovation Considerations: Property owners might want to renovate their existing old properties instead of building new ones knowing the tax benefits on it.

How to Get the Most Out of the Age Factor

Property owners should consider the following to maximize the benefits of the age factor:

  1. Regular Assessments: Keep all assessments up to date  that is getting regular assessments to know the exact value of your property and so that you make the right decisions.
  2. Documentation: Make sure you have good and well updated  and maintained documentation of your property so to make sure you get the right value of it.
  3. Consult Experts: Consider consulting real estate experts and a chartered accountant for assessment of your property and whenever you are making any decisions on the transactions of it.


The age factor is an important method of calculating taxes of properties in Delhi to ensure you take maximum benefits of it. It is important to be well informed and educated regarding the amount of taxes you are required to pay to ensure fairness and accuracy. Understanding this topic of age factor helps properties owners in Delhi better understand how they can save taxes and make better financial decisions.

The procedure to file property tax is listed by MCD.

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