Algorooms Review: Best Algorithmic Trading Automation with Top 5 Features!

In this AlgoRooms review, we will take a look at a new algorithmic trading competitor in the market, AlgoRooms! It is a platform similar to Tradetron.  AlgoRooms has been becoming popular really fast among new to old traders for automating the trading strategies. This review aims to provide a comprehensive look at the features, performance, marketplace and overall user experience and interface offered by AlgoRooms. Our aim is to help traders do good in the stock market by choosing the right algorithmic trading platform. 

Ease of Use: AlgoRooms is probably one of the easiest to use Algorithmic trading platform. Unlike the complexities in other trading platforms,  AlgoRooms has less complex features. For example if you want to add a MACD crossover strategy, you do not need to know how to implement it through programming or what positions the candles should be at, you can just directly use their crossover feature.  It is also very easy to navigate through the portal, and key features and tools are accessible with just a few clicks. The dashboard design promotes a clutter-free environment. It is easy to monitor trades, monitor performance and access trading bots without feeling overwhelmed. 

AlgoRooms Dashborad


Features and Marketplace: AlgoRooms stands out when it comes to its features!. Whether you’re interested in scalping, day trading, or long-term investment strategies, It is made for all! While it is fairly new to the market, It has a wide amount of features. AlgoRooms Marketplace offers traders with prebuilt strategies that can be used to make money. One of the best thing about the marketplace is that it is limited to one of the best strategies of option trading which have one of the highest probability of generating profits. All the data in AlgoRooms is updated without any delay unlike other algorithmic trading platforms! 

algorooms marketplace

Customer Support:

When writing the AlgoRooms review, we thought why not also review the customer support. AlgoRooms shines in its customer service. The support team is knowledgeable and responsive. They provide quick response to any issue you have with the platform. AlgoRooms support is available to provide valuable guidance to maximise the platform’s features. New users will particularly appreciate the detailed tutorials available on Youtube and FAQ section available on AlgoRooms’s website. 

Cost Efficiency: Thinking that algorithmic trading is probably expensive and only for the rich people? No need to worry as AlgoRooms has plans starting from just rupees 34 a day. You may even start with their free plan but with limited features! think of the pricing as an investment with the rewarding returns later if used correctly! Algorithmic trading is very rewarding if used correctly and in moderation! 

algorooms pricing


Backtesting feature: Our experts when writing the AlgoRooms Review were particularly surprised by its unique backtesting feature. This feature not only privides the historical data but also provides the max drawdown meaning how much money a trader may lose while using a particular strategy. This feature is really useful to test whether a strategy can actually generate money or not and then the traders can decide whether they should use the strategy or not! You can even see the winning versus losing streak, average profit and loss in a day, what percentage of trades go in a profit and loss and how many days a particular strategy makes profit and loss. 

AlgoRooms Strategy Creation Tutorial

We thought why just create an AlgoRooms review when we can also create a whole tutorial series of Algorooms. The experts at FinnoVent have created a full tutorial series on AlgoRooms! If you are new to algorithmic trading, watch the full playlist by FinnoVent to learn how to automate your strategies in AlgoRooms without any knowledge of programming! 

We have a whole course on AlgoRooms which can be found here.


Final Thoughts: Finishing up with the AlgoRooms review stands out as a reliable and efficient partner for traders looking to leverage automated solutions. With its user-friendly interface, robust features, and excellent customer support, it is a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about trading. Whether you are looking to minimize risks or maximize returns, AlgoRooms provides the necessary tools to help you achieve your trading goals.