Money Transfer Review

The world is connected today. Everyone has family, friends, relatives living in different parts of the world and sending money across borders is a common necessity. The purpose could be anything like business or personal like education, tuition fees, export and import of services etc. To eliminate this issue of the transfer of money, tons of money transfer platforms exist. However, finding a trustable money transfer platform could be overwhelming due to a significant amount of scam going on in the world. This is why we are here to eliminate this issue.  However, the plethora of options available can make the choice overwhelming. There are so many money transfer services available in the market and hence it is difficult to choose the right one. This CurrencyFair review aims to eliminate this issue by listing the top features of currencyfair.

Here comes the CurrencyFair Review

1. Transfer Costs of CurrencyFair

Imagine there is a situation that you have to send a huge amount of money and you have to send it multiple times. One factor to consider in this case would be the cost of transfer, whether there is a transfer fee or a service fee, what is the exchange rate etc. There are different structures of payment and hence it is necessary to find the cheapest option as sending a huge amount of money could be expensive and if the transfer fee is high, HUGE LOSS! When writing the CurrencyFair Review, we were surprised by its low transfer fee of just 3 euros per transfer or equivalent and an additional 0.53% (subject to change, check website for latest price). This is one of the lowest rates offered in the market by a reputable brand. CurrencyFair is a winner when it comes to the transfer cost.

2. Speed of Transfer

Imagine there is an urgent issue like your loved ones have urgent bills to pay or for an urgent medical or educational expense and you have no time left. What will you do in this situation? Wait for other old school money transfer tools to transfer money in 1-2 weeks or you want the transfer to be done in 1-2 days or maybe even less? This is why CurrencyFair is here to the rescue. Offering 1-2 days transfer time is extremely hard. 0-2 days for an international money transfer is probably the industry’s lowest amount of time anyone can offer. So the next time you have an emergency, you know whom to choose!  Please note that the time differs for every currency so make sure to check their website for the latest transfer time. currencyfair transfer time

3. Security and Compliance

The CurrencyFair review is just not done without talking about the security and compliance. When it comes to security and compliance, you just cannot compromise on it. You need to choose a money transfer platform which is compliant and secure. For sure you do not want to indulge in money laundering cases and take all them stress of the scams going on in the market. Always ensure that the platform you are using is registered and has all the licenses for the transfer of money. CurrencyFair wins in this case as it is regulated by both the Central Bank of Ireland and ASIC. This ensures a high level of security and peace of mind. So your goes in the hand of a company you can trust!Ensure that the transfer service is regulated by relevant authorities like the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission in Australia.

4. Service Accessibility and Convenience

Accessibility is another key factor. Always ensure that the platform is available in your country and the recipient’s country! Not only the availability but always confirm that the platform you are using follows the regulation of both the countries so that you do not get into trouble later on. In this ever growing tech world, having a mobile app is also essential to make the hassles of money transfer easier. This is why CurrencyFair is available both on Desktops as well as mobile platforms. Having a mobile app makes the process of money transfer too easier as you just need to press a few button and damm your money has been transferred!  currencyfair mobile app

5. Customer Support

It is impossible for any platform to not have issues, bugs or glitches. Or sometimes you are just not so tech savvy and need the help of an expert to guide you or clear your doubt. This is why CurrencyFair’s award winning customer support is available through every medium to ensure that money transfer is never a constraint to any of your needs.

6. Exchange Rates and Market Features

While checking the transfer fees which is probably the lowest offered by CurrencyFair, you should not overlook the exchange rates. While many platforms offer low transfer fees and sometimes even free, they make up for it in the exchange rates and you end up paying a lot more. Hence always check the exchange rates. CurrencyFair offers one of the lowest exchange rates in the market.

7. User Reviews and Feedback

Finally take your time to read customer reviews of CurrencyFair and ensure that the platform is reliable. It is always advisable to check the reviews of every website to make your decision before using any platform which requires high level of trust. You can check other websites such as trustpilot for this.


Choosing the right international money transfer service requires careful consideration of various factors including cost, reliability, compliance and a lot more factors. When choosing a money transfer platform make sure you do a thorough research and ensure that the platform is trustworthy.

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